Nevis is the unspoiled paradise in the Caribbean. It’s lush vegetation and pristine sandy beaches are sights to behold. Little wonder she still wears the crown as “Queen of the Caribbean.”  Nevisians are among the warmest and most laid-back people you will find in the entire Caribbean. You are never a stranger here.

For a tiny island, Nevis packs a punch on the world’s stage. It is the birth place of one America’s preeminent statesmen – Alexander Hamilton. The United States constitution and it’s financial system was in large part,  gifted by Nevis through this native son – Hamilton.

Below are some haunts for Nevisians, tourist, and students that epitomize Nevis’ charm, beauty, and it’s overall “Nevisianness.”



This restaurant is near Newcastle on a strip of beach overlooking the ocean and hidden away from the airport. The staff are friendly and the menu offers an array of tempting pizzas and other fresh dishes. Pizza Beach is perfect for a casual evening dinner next to the water.



Located in Cades Bay, the Chrishi Beach Club serves great steaks, seafood, burgers, fondues, tapas and more. The atmosphere is relaxed and good music always seems to be playing.



Another great spot on Pinney’s Beach is Lime Beach Bar, which is a popular with locals and visitors for lunch, dinner or light snacks. Lime Bar has a rustic Caribbean feel to it and serves tasty homemade food including freshly baked breads and crisp salads.



The liveliest beach restaurant on Nevis is arguably Sunshine’s Beach Bar on Pinney’s Beach. The fresh seafood and jerk chicken are delicious, the welcome is big and the atmosphere is always buzzing. That may have something to do with Sunshine’s famous Killer Bee rum punch, which certainly has a sting to it.



Appropriately found in a coconut grove on one of Nevis’s most beautiful beaches, this restaurant has a number of unique qualities. The Carib Indian architecture features unfinished timber and thatched palm roofs. The menu is a fusion of French and Caribbean Cuisine with exotic flavors.



May 25, 2006, 3:14 PM Located close to the airport, Rumours does a West Indian Buffet every Friday from 7PM. It is all you can eat for $65 EC. It consists of goat water, salt fish, johnny cakes, souse, black pudding, jerk pork, stewed mutton, curried chicken, fish, rice & peas, macaroni pie, salad (several types), and steamed veggies.